Wind: As a warning

It’s a different day. It feels different. Though the sun’s still piercing through the window, and crows are beginning to caw. But as I mentioned twice in three sentences, it feels different.

There’s a piece of thread or maybe a strand of hair hanging from the grill outside the window, and with it a piece of paper, interwoven as though a mini-kite.

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The friendly neighborhood……. OH GOSH TAKE IT AWAY!!!

There I was one night, reading away, almost about to doze off before I started wondering if it would be worth it to get up and go pee. After a lot of speculation I decided to give in. As I was peeing and minding my own business, looking around in every possible corner in sight (two), I spotted a bunch of dots creepily floating about an inch down from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection I realised that they were ants tied up in spider-web, hanged to death! Before I could express my disgust, I Continue reading