What about Shivam?

Copywriter by day, Writer by night! Not a Role Model but a Sole Model.
Obsessive Compulsive, Obscenely Repulsive
Politically Incorrect & Socially Un-adept. Actively Lazy, Sanely Crazy!
Loves Learning, Eternally Yearning.
Puts the Pun in Punvati, Likes his tea without Chai Patti!
Loves to rhyme like it’s a heinous crime!
Hates the ignorant, Hates most people. Insomniac, Maniac, wannabe Braniac!
Talks straight to the point, He wouldn’t disappoint!
At times, refers to self as the third person, prefers himself as a weird person.
All content here is to the reader’s discretion;
All content here is open to discussion.


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