#AwakenYourForce, you must!

It was a little known fact that I have an addiction to movies. In fact my entire family is an avid consumer of Bollywood, which has made me a ‘filmy keeda’ myself. And firang cinema is something that I began subjecting myself to once I discovered the genre of psychological thrillers.

This was a well kept secret until I was asked to handle a Bollywood account in my current company and the cat was out of the hat. Whether I wanted to be that or not, now i’m the go-to guy for everything Bollywood at my workplace. Continue reading


The Quotient of Greatness.

Almost 4 years ago, I was nothing that I am now. Heck, I was nothing. A confused student of finance, an actor in college drama with no future. And going though a phase where I needed income to remove some pressure from ‘la familia’. I was still given freedom of a year to do a course or learn a skill that made me job-ready. But the pressure was still visible.

I was looking for the right courses that were a cross between reputed & cheap. It was obviously not easy. And side-by-side I was also hunting for an internship or a part-time source of income. Continue reading

Piku; Relationshits and what not.

Piku is a story of a girl whose father basically didn’t give a shit. Figuratively and Literally. Continue reading

Ready to Redefine

If you’re an avid follower of my blog… (I know you’re) Then you may have read a post about me cribbing about lagging devices. In case you haven’t here it is.

Lately my blog-posts have been like the flashback sequences of Arrow where I randomly head back in time and rant about an incident that only makes sense when I end it.

Image Source: reddit.com

But hey, what does this button do? (DeeDee translation: why am I bringing all these things up?) Continue reading

This blog-post stinks!

The Great Indian Litterbug. When I first saw it I thought it was about some literature loving bugger. And me being one, immediately found a *cupid striking an arrow* connect. But then when I read through I realised…. ‘What a trashy topic, man’

I rather write about Indian politics. You know Kiran Bedi joined BJP and will now contest opposite her ex-ally & aide Arvind Kejriwal of AAP? Her reaction should be something like this now….

I know, I know, politics reeks.

Speaking of reek. Remember this guy?

Image Courtesy: gameofthrones.wikia.com

Can’t wait to see more of him in GoT Season 5.

I know what you’re thinking. This blog-post stinks. I’ve digressed too much and I haven’t even begun on the topic. So to make it up to you, I’ll educate you with a few unheard (un-invented until now) facts about cleanliness in our country. Continue reading

Good Health & Happiness.

So stumbled upon this topic on Indiblogger during Diwali, but could write on it ‘cause I was ill. (somehow ironic, I know)

I thought I’ll write on it, when I feel better, but I was not a 100% for a large part of October. But the topic being about immunity i.e. the ability to fight off illnesses, managed to last longer than my throat infection and cold.

I almost forgot about this as I got caught up in work, but as I saw it again, I realised that I may be; either the most apt person to write on this, or the least appropriate writer for the topic ( depends on perspective, fella!)

So I decided to give it a try… Continue reading

Univer’Sold’ – The UniverCell Experience.

Amidst the chaos of job vacancies, promotions and bank statements, an Indiblogger mail is a pleasant sight for sore eyes (and my inbox). This one in particular involved going to Colaba (aka the land of shopping) to check out the UniverCell showroom. That’s pretty much all I knew about the place until I got there. But I was in for a ‘Tech-sperience’ as they call it. Now whether that ‘Tech-sperience’ was good, bad or ugly, you’ll find out soon enough!
Continue reading

Sunsilk gets real with #SunsilkRealFM

A first in Indiblogger, and a first at ‘Quite Literary, Quite Literally
A serious movie review!

This began with one of those short notice meets scheduled to be held on the next day of announcement. But I feel these ones are the ones are more fun. The most exciting aspect of this meet was the weight of the name attached to it- Anurag Basu.
All I knew about this event was that Sunsilk & MTV decided to collaborate and create a brand tele-film. It was probably a good  enough pull.

Two brand stalwarts coming together to tell a story inspired by the spirit of the youth. And what way better to connect to us than promoting the tele-film through our very own Indiblogger!

ImageSo when three big influencers come together to connect with you through a story. It’s almost mandatory to expect it to be a rocking experience, right?

We’re about to find out!

Continue reading

Sunny Side Up: The Krrish 3 Experience

Just a couple of days back I caught up with my college buds. We had a stimulating chat about movies, theatre and whatnot creative. One of them discussed the plot of Krrish 3 and said how Ra.One had a better story.

Firstly, I find it funny when people compare Krrish 3 & Ra.One especially because it doesn’t matter to either Hrithik or SRK that which movie performed better. Shahrukh Khan is to benefit from the success of Krrish 3 as well, for his VFX house did a major chunk of work on it. Talk about business-mindedness.

Coming back, while discussing the movie’s plot, the bugger disclosed all the ‘suspense’ from the movie.

I’m normally the one to get agitated by such farce. Hate having my movies spoiled, even if I don’t intend on watching them. But I was in a jolly nostalgic mood and my friend thought he’s doing us a favour by indulging in the verbal-diarrhoea.

Ironically, the plot twists seemed intriguing enough Continue reading

What made the ‘#HPAndroid Indiblogger Meet’ so awesome.

In life, you always receive one phone call/SMS/E-mail that reminds you that you have a life beyond work. For me indi@indiblogger.in has become one of those identities. A mail from them reminds me that there is something “extra-curricular” in my (almost non-existential) time-table to look forward to.

With my recent association as a Tech & Web Author at Kenfolios, I have been reading & fascinating about a lot of gadgets and resources. The #HPAndroid was a combo too tempting to turn down, enough for me to tell my colleagues that I won’t be turning up for work on a Saturday. They didn’t refuse as they didn’t care. Continue reading