‘A’ new leaf?

As it says there on the bottom right of your screen, I’m an advertising professional. I write ads and aspire to write better ones every time I get a chance. Now, many of us adv guys usually rant about how hectic our lifestyles get and how office workload refrains us from doing any proactive work, in my case that would be blogging…

People like me get loads of suggestions and examples and instances explaining how multi-tasking and multi-facetism is possible and is the mark of successful people. What I make of it is that it’s possible, and I wish to try…

Recently, I realized that since I always find something about this illustrious business on my mind, why don’t I mix it with blogging?

It’s not that I have too much to lose. It’s not that my 1000s of active followers would be disappointed (mainly because they don’t exist.) The way I see it, it’s another opportunity for me to write and express myself better.

And so, I’ve decided to take this idea seriously… Serious enough that I’ve begun writing this post on my cell phone at 10pm while I’m heading back home from office… Talk about dedicasFDAsf (whoops, pothole!)

Now please note I won’t be giving mantras or gyan or pull any similar sort of shenanigans.

Everyday being a learning experience, I would be sharing my learnings, observations and Advertising Rants (adveRants… good enough a word?) and would love to have you share YOUR (yes you reader, you’re the one) observations, learnings and earnings with me (had to try.)

Well then, this is it… beginning of a new chapter at QL2, hope it works out well!

Also, here’s the leaf you came here for…

Image Source: Internet

Look how shiny it is. Look.

(Advertisers don’t always mislead)


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