“Ok, Boss!”

“Superhero ka statue laga de, mast bikega”
“OK, boss” *Later* “Yeh kisko bahar rakha hai?”
“Thor, boss! Avenger mein aaya hai, hathoda leke ghumta hai”
“Hathoda toh main maarunga tereko. Isko Krrish ka mask pina de warna bikega nahi. Hrithik chalta hai market mein. Aur kya laaya hai?”
“Beyoncé, boss.”
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This wish wasn’t really for you.

Wrote the following for a brand. But a change in brief made it unneeded.
So why not modify it a little and share it with your awesome followers? Happy New Year. Continue reading

Read between the lines

When I wake up I think of you.
When I sleep I’m worried about thinking of you in the morning.
When I forget about you I’m reminded. When I remember, I wish I had forgotten. Continue reading

Ekta Kapoor’s the Tyler Durden of our times.

What if Ekta Kapoor read/saw Fight Club.
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The #DeepikaPadukone vs. #TOI controversy in a nutshell

Well, we all by now probably know the controversy around Deepika Padukone lashing out at The Times of India for passing off a top view of her neck-line as ‘news’. TOI in response tried to take a unseemingly cool way out by responding to her on twitter saying… Continue reading

Image from http://thistimeimeanit.com/psychology/first-step-feeling-better/


Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” – Chuck Norris 

There’s no problem in having a temper, no, the problem is losing it. You will not see my anger in my clenched fists, you will not see much punch walls, nor will you see me growl in rage.

Where you will sense the anger is in my eyes. Where you will feel it will be in my words. Where you will hear it will be in my silence. Continue reading


Diya Decorations at the Workplace.

Calm & Composed,
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A visual guide to effective bathing – The Salman Khan Way

Are you ready?Why Salman Khan?

Do I have to answer that? Well because Salman has more shirtless screen time than King Kong (all reboots included). Then who better than someone whose physical appearance so many people swear by?  Continue reading

A meaningful connection…

Got a mail at 1 am on a Monday night announcing an Indiblogger meet within the forthcoming two days. The subject of the meet stated that it was about Zee TV’s new television offering, ‘Connected Hum Tum’. Keeping in mind how all blogger meets are usually fun-filled, I registered almost immediately though I had little idea of the show.
As I got there, the room filled up and it was all fun and games, a few familiar faces, a few very different ones, and amongst the collage of these intellectuals (of their own area of expertise) I saw a face, familiar but not like anyone else in the room. Before I could decipher who that woman was, the meet began.

Post the usual introductory rounds and initial mini-contests, there was an activity stating the gist of the show. We found out that the show involved six women from different backgrounds, in different phases of their lives,how they were handed a camera to self-shoot their life over the course of a year. Actor Abhay Deol, who would act as the connecting link Continue reading

Anna Hazare’s comments on Nirmal Baba Scam