Wind: As a warning

It’s a different day. It feels different. Though the sun’s still piercing through the window, and crows are beginning to caw. But as I mentioned twice in three sentences, it feels different.

There’s a piece of thread or maybe a strand of hair hanging from the grill outside the window, and with it a piece of paper, interwoven as though a mini-kite.

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Life’s a pitch.

Hadn’t been at home for more than a combined 7 hours in 3 days. Because we were working on the biggest pitch of our careers so far. Prior to that the team was strutting like students who think they are prepared before their exams. Yes, think. And just like many of such students we too realised that a lot is pending.

And the strutters became the tiptoers. Continue reading


At least once every lifetime you come across a place, a situation or a circumstance that moulds you. It evolves you into someone you never knew you were.

It’s not a selfish act, neither a charitable one. It’s somewhere in between, yet not even close to either one.

It all begins with a gut instinct, a stroke of luck, a leap of faith… especially when your back’s up against the wall and your feet are up on the edge. You jump into the unknown, hoping it’s better than the mediocre option you had.

You miss a safe opportunity and instead reach to grab one you have absolutely no idea of.

There you come across the person who has the power and control over that tiny little window.

He’s the one who can take a misfit like you through the burrow to wonderland. And not everyone is capable enough. Not everyone’s invited to escape into wonderland. Continue reading

Mind over Matter-of-fact!

One fine morning just like any other, I got out of bed, got ready and left for office. To my surprise, I reached earlier than usual. I quickly wrapped up all the tasks at hand, and began to fool around as lunch-time approached. Then something strange occurred. I was speaking to a colleague when I told him about a movie I saw the previous night, and how it was an interesting view. The colleague to which responded, with a sheepish smile on his face, “You could tell me all about it, but sadly, you are going to be late today!”

Before I could realise or react to what he said, within a blink of an eye I found myself lying on my bed and the clock indicating that I’m late for work. Continue reading