Quite Literary


4 years ago I started this blog, with little idea of what it’s going to be. It started off as a hub for all the poetry I would write. Then I tried posting my opinion on situations and topics, and it picked up pretty well. Then I started writing about work and marketing and a rant here and there. Then came the commercial phase where I started reviewing products and services.

Through all these phases and changes my favourite would be the (incomplete) reverse A-to-Z challenge, where I discovered a side to my writing that I never knew existed.

Though my voice remained constant throughout the journey… the subject matter of the blog kept varying. The things that are up now are more philosophical in nature, have quite a few hidden agendas and a few unexpressed emotions here and there.

I think the more we read; the books, the articles or anything else you could think of. And the more movies and shows you consume among other things… And finally and most importantly the kind of company we keep influences our expressiveness and your communication. That’s probably what’s happening.

When I read through my blog now from the very beginning, there are many moments of embarrassment, many grammatical errors and nonsensical wordplay, but I never feel like correcting them or getting rid of them and not just because I’m lazy.

I see evolution. I see change, good change. Writing here has finally shown me a glimpse of what my writing style is. And the process has fairly begun. And you my favourite reader (yes, YOU!) have been with me through all of the randomness. Moving forward, this blog will have a few additions, a change in look is in progress and maybe even a new name for the blog. But importantly, that’s not all.

New forms of writing will be explored, new challenges will be accepted and interesting projects will be undertaken. And I’m saying this here because it shall act as a motivation for me. The experimentations shall continue.

(Not like the time I tried writing haikus though, don’t worry)

I’ll keep you’ll posted! Cheers.