Wind: As a warning

It’s a different day. It feels different. Though the sun’s still piercing through the window, and crows are beginning to caw. But as I mentioned twice in three sentences, it feels different.

There’s a piece of thread or maybe a strand of hair hanging from the grill outside the window, and with it a piece of paper, interwoven as though a mini-kite.

A mini-kite flown, I imagine, by someone of proportionate size. Once wild and free and fluttering like a child high on sugar. Suddenly halted by a strong gush of wind, perhaps. A wind that took it by surprise. A wind it never believed existed. The wind interrupted the kite’s freedom, out of shock more than anything. Made it crash-land onto a grill, tying it up, punishing it for not believing in life beyond happiness. Giving it a harsh yet vital reality check. The wind doesn’t believe in warnings. The wind is the warning. A warning of the storms that destroy without mercy. A gentle breeze soothes, while a gushing wind makes you wary. It makes you look around and see if there’s more about to follow.

It shook up the kite, but more importantly it shook up its confidence. Because that’s what warnings are supposed to do. What it did not do is what warnings are not supposed to do, it did not devastate. It did not shatter its resolve. It made the kite aware of the challenges that might come its way. The wind, though arrogantly, showed the kite what it feels to be powerless. Almost as if it wanted the kite to appreciate the freedom more.

But how does one appreciate something more after fear sets in is probably the world’s most underrated mystery. Fear makes one not want to know the answer. The kite looks at the blank space it once occupied in the atmosphere and hopes to take that spot again. The kite knows when the time comes, it won’t be welcomed with reckless abandon. Deep down it knows. As much as the kite is a hopeless romantic, it can never feel what it felt then, without fear.

P.S. On closer inspection it has come to light that the thread-like anomaly is indeed a strand of hair. The kite like structure is something that has naturally attached itself to aforementioned hair strand with an adhesive I wish to further not inspect.


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