The friendly neighborhood……. OH GOSH TAKE IT AWAY!!!

There I was one night, reading away, almost about to doze off before I started wondering if it would be worth it to get up and go pee. After a lot of speculation I decided to give in. As I was peeing and minding my own business, looking around in every possible corner in sight (two), I spotted a bunch of dots creepily floating about an inch down from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection I realised that they were ants tied up in spider-web, hanged to death! Before I could express my disgust, I was done peeing and flushed myself out of there.

This brings me to a whole new rant about…
The Spider: the most mystically creepy critter of them all!

The prettiest spider I could find.

We’ve all come across them at one point of time; many of us run away with fear, some brave ones dare to crush them with their favourite set of crocs (don’t be embarrassed, I know you love ’em!), and then there are some who are unaffected by their existence (Bravery Award material if you ask me!)

They are everywhere and nowhere, as a matter of fact there may be one somewhere in the corner staring at you right now but then again, you might never find out!

We’ve come across different kinds of spiders in life; the weird looking, the one looking even weirder than the weird, and yeah, the as weird as it gets. (If you have any argument about an insect evidently more disgusting than this, kindly not let me know about it, thank you very much.)

Anyway, post me-spotting-spiders-torturing-ants that incident, I keep an eye on most spiders I come across, or the ones that come across me.

You bet your six-legged behind, I am!

Personally, I believe spiders to be the most evil, scheming, torturous of all insects. I mean take a hold of this, What kind of sadistic hell-raisers set-up a trap for their prey, tie them up to a point of no-escape, stalk and preserve them till they feel the time is right, and then they strike their victim till they become a lifeless corpse. It’s so evil that it is almost human… (Oh, wait)

Anyhoo, during my spider-spying escapades, I noticed several acts of cannibalism among their ranks as well. One day I spotted a spider with another spider going all dingly-dangly with each other. I gave them their privacy and left (yes, I’m nice that way). The next day I saw one of the spiders a little off from its usual spot and at that spot I could see something we could call a shadow of the other spider. Only, the shadow had no body around it!!

Just to express my shock to you I ended the previous sentence with TWO exclamation marks (a first in QLQL’s history, I’d like to add!)

I may never have given such a foul look to any insect willingly, it almost appeared as if the spider vaporised the other! It only added to my hatred, I may never trust a spider again. Actually at this point I’m uncertain how I feel about these insects; hatred, disgust, anguish or apathy. But what I do know is that these are certainly the kind of creatures I would not want to see further evolve. *Jeepers

With this I conclude my one-sided argument. I would’ve done some further research, but my job and my make-believe social life don’t allow me.


4 thoughts on “The friendly neighborhood……. OH GOSH TAKE IT AWAY!!!

  1. I strongly advice you to stay away from the Amazon jungles, as there are varieties of spiders that are huge. Did I hear you say Ouch!!! :p Good post. The only spidery thing I liked is Spiderman or in my son’s nursery rhyme itsy-bitsy spider.

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