Why the Airtel #OpenNetwork ads are more counterproductive than annoying.

If you’ve watched TV or even youtube for that matter, there’s a good chance you had the misfortune of watching this ad.

No, wait don’t watch it. The only thing worth watching on that link is the comments of disgruntled viewers and Airtel consumers. Probably the comments are the reason why the video got half the views that it did.

What is this ad?
List of individuals of different age groups, stereotypically annoying  youths asking for transparency in this ‘relationship’. Over-slapstick sardar for racial stereotype. Young mother with baby for emotion, lady with dog because not everyone likes babies, old couple for variety and a hippie-looking boy for good measure… All complaining about how their Airtel network sucks. Continue reading


Read between the lines

When I wake up I think of you.
When I sleep I’m worried about thinking of you in the morning.
When I forget about you I’m reminded. When I remember, I wish I had forgotten. Continue reading


What if it’s all a big game?

What if everyone’s into it except for us, the common public?

Continue reading

The friendly neighborhood……. OH GOSH TAKE IT AWAY!!!

There I was one night, reading away, almost about to doze off before I started wondering if it would be worth it to get up and go pee. After a lot of speculation I decided to give in. As I was peeing and minding my own business, looking around in every possible corner in sight (two), I spotted a bunch of dots creepily floating about an inch down from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection I realised that they were ants tied up in spider-web, hanged to death! Before I could express my disgust, I Continue reading

Expecting the Unexpected.

If you expect the unexpected then the unexpected becomes expected, so then you are expecting the expected(which was earlier unexpected) which completely contradicts the initial theory of expecting the unexpected! So by expecting what you don’t expect you expect it as a whole!

So before you expect anything, go through this thought process and calculate what is to be expected OR don’t expect anything and get on with your life. What? You didn’t EXPECT this to be funny, did you?