“There are children who study in street lights”

Education system is like a massive RPG with horrible UX. You keep jumping levels, you invest in trainers and walkthroughs, praying that they would help. The immediate gratification is non-existent. There is no feel good factor outside of friends made out of existential compassion of being in the same shit situation as the other.

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Why are you overworking?

This article is part of a series I’m writing about my experiences with work addiction. While it still makes sense on its own, it also acts as a Part II to the Part I, labelled “Confessions of a workaholic“. I’d recommend you read it first and circle back here.

Oh, you’re back? That was quick. Let’s get started!

Enlighten me!


Mosquitoes, I don’t quite understand.

I remember years ago I had put up a Facebook status on how I hate mosquitoes while questioning their existence. I was expecting a scientific response, if any. What I got was an old tuition/gym/area acquaintance whose only conversational memory I had, was of him bullying me when I was a kid (in tuitions). He commented, telling me the religious relevance of the flying insect and how I shouldn’t question their existence.

The rant continues…

Most 2018 Diwali ever

I’ve been busy. Which is not necessarily a bad thing considering what all I do when I’m free (nothing).

But I’ve been so busy that it’s been a bit overwhelming to keep track of everything that’s going on. And I’m not talking about current affairs or the divisiveness over the 180-metre erection of national pride that wasn’t covered by the media for 3 and a half years while it was being made but now is buzzing about this amazing feat of the government. (Take that American dream!)  Continue reading

“The most creative agency in the world”

 “Treat your employees right so they won’t use your internet to look for new jobs.” – Mark Zuckerberg

We’ve all been there. Job-hunting. Either while you’re unemployed, or while you’re at a place you want to get out of.
I was the former. I was unemployed. I have this tendency of taking breaks between jobs. It helps me get out of the mindset of the company I was a part of, keeps me available for impromptu job interviews and meetings, and most importantly it gives me a breather.

A good chunk of people who look at my résumé or hear about where I’ve been working come up to me and tell me, “Why did you leave that place? It’s supposed to be the most creative advertising agency in the world.” What’s about to follow is a compilation of rants that I respond with. Continue reading

The most important feel of the day

Day 3 of writing for reason:
I don’t feel the urge to write this. But muscle memory won’t memorise itself. I understand how inaccurate that last sentence was and frankly I like the way it sounds. So it stays. When I say I don’t feel the urge to write this, it’s not out of anger or boredom. It’s not out of nihilism either. Thankfully.

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Sleepless in the summer

Unable to sleep I go for a run. It’s 8:53 in the AM. As I run I hear the crows caw their support as though cheering for Rocky as he races up the stairs. Sadistry aside, I smell breakfast eggs. The sound of a truck gathers my attention as I realise I made up the word sadistry.

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You got this.

We all have the natural instinct, an innate ability to blow up things out of proportion. It takes a special kind of strength to stop yourself from doing that.

We all face situations that break us, either brick-by-brick or altogether. To get out of that broken relationship, get out of that soul-sucking job, get out of any situation that makes you doubt your self-worth, it takes courage. But how do we get that courage flowing through our veins?

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

Ever heard of the cliché, there’s no I in team?
But what about integrity?

If you’ve ever worked in a ‘team’ – a group of individuals who work together towards a common goal. You know that that definition is bullshit. Continue reading

To write about writing…

I’ve been scribbling for a while now. Not leading to much substance.

But that doesn’t mean one should stop trying. You keep writing anyway till it all starts making sense. You write to improve, for there are better writers than there are worse.
You write to prove, it’s good to remind yourself what you’re capable of. You write because it feels good anyway, well, at least eventually. Continue reading