A lesson to remember…

“I remember piano lessons…”

The tune began as I sat updating my resume or as it’s called in emails, ‘résumé’. I hate doing that. I dislike interviews and the fact that despite all your work and achievements, your career depends more or less on how well you’re able to convince a stranger about your prowess.

I was having a serious conversation with a buddy who’d shown up at work one day, about a few opportunities and how I’m dumbfounded by the kind of decisions I need to make.

That very evening I hummed the tune for the first time in years. Continue reading


This wish wasn’t really for you.

Wrote the following for a brand. But a change in brief made it unneeded.
So why not modify it a little and share it with your awesome followers? Happy New Year. Continue reading

#AwakenYourForce, you must!

It was a little known fact that I have an addiction to movies. In fact my entire family is an avid consumer of Bollywood, which has made me a ‘filmy keeda’ myself. And firang cinema is something that I began subjecting myself to once I discovered the genre of psychological thrillers.

This was a well kept secret until I was asked to handle a Bollywood account in my current company and the cat was out of the hat. Whether I wanted to be that or not, now i’m the go-to guy for everything Bollywood at my workplace. Continue reading

Disconnect to connect

Once you start working, and get involved into a few important roles, undertake a few responsibilities (how well you to take them up is a different question altogether)… you start taking your work everywhere. And soon all civility is lost when your work-life takes over your cell phone.

I’ll take you through the systematic destruction of your phone’s sanctity step-by-step. Trust me you’ll love it so much, you just might cry out of agreement. Continue reading

Life’s a pitch.

Hadn’t been at home for more than a combined 7 hours in 3 days. Because we were working on the biggest pitch of our careers so far. Prior to that the team was strutting like students who think they are prepared before their exams. Yes, think. And just like many of such students we too realised that a lot is pending.

And the strutters became the tiptoers. Continue reading

Pain (not emotional)

My tooth hurts. I think it’s my ‘wisdom’ tooth. Not sure if it’s growing or rotting.
It hurts only when something touches it. But something always does. And when it does not, I do; either with my tongue, a toothpick, or a chewing gum. Disturbingly enough, sometimes even with my finger.

I know it’ll hurt me. But I do it anyway. It’s not that I like the pain, I just keep checking if it has gone away.

I wonder if it has any connection with life. You know the bit, where you hurt yourself by doing something that you know will hurt you. And that you keep checking if the pain has gone away. At a point when you really don’t feel anything, you check thoroughly, and confirm if it’s really gone. Ultimately, when you are absolutely sure that there’s no pain, you still check the place where it used to be. It’s as if you almost miss it.

Hmm, I really wonder if it has anything to do with life. Maybe not. I’m afraid of going to the dentist. I’m going to go brush my teeth, again.


My Group Chat of Happiness…

Hmmm… if I had to host a WeChat group chat, who would be the people in it and why? Nice riddle. It took me days to figure out which celebrities would be the best fit and what would be the most ‘masaledaar’ combinations. Then it struck me and well, the words flowed like liquid gold. Why would I include any of the famous individuals we see on TV or read about? Yes, they are colourful, yes, I’m a fan of many, but why be amongst a group of individuals who don’t even know of your existence?

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Live it out.

Roll the dice,
Bring out the guise
Show the nice and
Hide the vice.

Maintain an appearance fair,
Put on a smile that’s rare,
Act like you don’t care,
And live out the nightmare

Be what you are not, against your will,
Act it out like it’s such a thrill,
Keep control of your emotions, don’t let ’em out,
Don’t let your emptiness scream and shout.

Expecting the Unexpected.

If you expect the unexpected then the unexpected becomes expected, so then you are expecting the expected(which was earlier unexpected) which completely contradicts the initial theory of expecting the unexpected! So by expecting what you don’t expect you expect it as a whole!

So before you expect anything, go through this thought process and calculate what is to be expected OR don’t expect anything and get on with your life. What? You didn’t EXPECT this to be funny, did you?

Life is Loneliness? Definitely NOT!

Randomly while surfing through some metaphors, I came across a line that I thought said this, I’m not sure. I just got so amazed by this thought, I didn’t even bother re-checking, just decided to open a notepad and write about it.
While I’m sitting here at 1.30am with college at 8 in the morning, thinking
Yes thinking, just the thought of thinking makes me ponder if I wonder too much. Getting back to where we began, what is loneliness?
Loneliness is not being alone, well that’s in my opinion, some define being left alone as loneliness, I define it as peace, but then again, opinions differ.
Being lonely is being ignored, it’s not when your left alone but it’s when your made to feel that no one wants to be with or around you, it’s when your unwanted, aren’t we all at some point in life? some people experience this feeling, almost throughout their entire lives so when such an incident happens, they are well prepared as they have no hopes anyway. But what about those, who haven’t experienced it? Who still have hopes? Well, they have to learn it someday anyway, no? There is another feeling worse than loneliness, it’s being wanted by someone and then getting left by them when they find someone they feel is more useful, it’s basically called being used..being used and being lonely, to some, might not connect in any way, but when u feel used, u do feel lonely, don’t you?

why am I saying these things? how did I get here? didn’t I start with life is loneliness? so where is life?
well, you are living it..and these things are the part and parcel of it..when u meet new people, when u reconnect with those who u once knew, and when u speak to someone who u speak with daily, there is something very prominent in them, most of them are bored with their lives, maybe its our generation, I’m not sure, whether they really are or they find it cool to say so, beats me. If u ask me, they are stupid, its ironic as these are the same people who you will find saying cheesy things like, ‘live life king size’, ‘life is once, only once, time and tide wait for none’ ‘live everyday as if it was your last’ and other pathetic lines. To be frank if I knew this is the last day of my life, I’d probably be crying the whole darn day and if I stopped at some point, being from an Indian family I’d have my entire family surround me and cry their eyes out, not to forget those annoying people who’ll pop up asking ‘what happened and what didn’t?’ Again you must feel a diversion from the topic, but for those who feel life is loneliness, I would like to tell them, it’s not! Loneliness may be a part of life, but sure as hell not life itself, so look forward for the good things in life and learn how to walk-through the bad ones, just do remember, life is short, whether you appreciate this or not, and before I finish this note, I would like to say add couple of lines,

to be happy, you need to think less,
just remember, life is NOT loneliness.
It’s what you want it to be
It’s whatever you make it to be..

So have a good life, with zero regrets and infinite happiness.