You got this.

We all have the natural instinct, an innate ability to blow up things out of proportion. It takes a special kind of strength to stop yourself from doing that.

We all face situations that break us, either brick-by-brick or altogether. To get out of that broken relationship, get out of that soul-sucking job, get out of any situation that makes you doubt your self-worth, it takes courage. But how do we get that courage flowing through our veins?

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A visual guide to effective bathing – The Salman Khan Way

Are you ready?Why Salman Khan?

Do I have to answer that?ย Well because Salman has more shirtless screen time than King Kong (all reboots included).ย Then who better than someone whose physical appearance so many people swear by?ย  Continue reading

5 Ways to Lose Friends and Everyone Else Who Loves You!

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My butt’s on fire.

(WARNING: the methods mentioned here are results of various surveys, tests and experiences, they are highly effective, I shall not be held responsible for the relationships weakened, broken, annihilated after the application of these sure shot ways.)

Order at random.

  • Tell them the truth
    (the real truth, not the real-friends-are-real-with-each-other sorta crap)

There has been a saying flying around saying the difference between a friend and a best friend is that a best friend wouldn’t lie to you. Now thatโ€™s bullshit Continue reading