WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS GUY DO? – The science of professional growth demystified.

‘Fake it till you make it’, is a principle largely followed and largely inspiring. But if faking it leads to making it then what are we even working hard for? This phrase is the feeling of when you see someone undeserving move up the ranks and get better opportunities than better potential candidates.

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At least once every lifetime you come across a place, a situation or a circumstance that moulds you. It evolves you into someone you never knew you were.

It’s not a selfish act, neither a charitable one. It’s somewhere in between, yet not even close to either one.

It all begins with a gut instinct, a stroke of luck, a leap of faith… especially when your back’s up against the wall and your feet are up on the edge. You jump into the unknown, hoping it’s better than the mediocre option you had.

You miss a safe opportunity and instead reach to grab one you have absolutely no idea of.

There you come across the person who has the power and control over that tiny little window.

He’s the one who can take a misfit like you through the burrow to wonderland. And not everyone is capable enough. Not everyone’s invited to escape into wonderland. Continue reading