#AwakenYourForce, you must!

It was a little known fact that I have an addiction to movies. In fact my entire family is an avid consumer of Bollywood, which has made me a ‘filmy keeda’ myself. And firang cinema is something that I began subjecting myself to once I discovered the genre of psychological thrillers.

This was a well kept secret until I was asked to handle a Bollywood account in my current company and the cat was out of the hat. Whether I wanted to be that or not, now i’m the go-to guy for everything Bollywood at my workplace. Continue reading


Things that are wrong with movies like ‘Kick’.

I find it funny thinking that a movie about robbing the corrupt and helping the needy managed to rob over 370 crores from the common public.

I could be talking about any movie, but the above line is in context to Salman Khan’s Eid-Entertainer; ‘Kick’. It’s somehow difficult to digest watching a movie where a humongously rich actor collaborates with other monetary powerhouses to give an example of a common man taking up an impossible and probably life-threatening task of remanding the corrupt. I mean why pick a social message and spice it up enough for it to pass as entertainment? If you can’t fix the problems yourself, or be a part of the needed change, why address the issue in the first place? Why cash-in on people’s emotions,  use ‘star-power’ and not send across a suitable message?

This movie isn’t the only one to do so, Jai Ho, Sivaji-the boss, and numerous other movies from the South Indian Film Industry tackle issues of corruption and explain that one man,  if pushed far enough to the limit can unleash his true power and channel his rage to flip over the entire ‘corrupt system’.

But that can’t really happen. Someone even voicing a similar thought could be vanished from existence in no time. The audience these days that watch such movies are smart enough to realise that. That’s why we never see such instances of the common man trying to one-up the corrupt. Or maybe that may have happened but he was successfully vanished.

The audiences have realised that the actor in the movie is a super-power and only the characters he portrays is strong enough to achieve the impossible ‘uprising’. Maybe that’s why Rajinikanth is considered as a god and is worshipped, because they know noone else can convincingly act out such ‘super-characters’ who achieve the unheard.

The problem only lies in the fact that such movies have become a mainstay in Hindi Cinema. A trend that every modern-day actor has tried to cash into. There is no one actor to be blamed for this.

Hindi Cinema has been run on ‘common men’ with ‘hidden power of belief/rage/younameit’ who beat insurmountable odds. This approach has been overused from the 70s and it has somehow evolved to ‘leave-your-brains-at-home’ entertainers.

But then watching a two-and-a-half hour movie that exudes in every scene what I’ve written above , actually managed to stir up these thoughts and become the very foundation of this piece. This is even funnier because the makers of the movie would’ve never possibly imagined this effect of their ‘entertainer’.

This rant might come across as pointless to certain readers, and maybe it is. But I had scribbled this quite a while ago, and I felt it had to see the light of the day! I’m pretty sure somebody out there would agree with my views on the topic.

The #DeepikaPadukone vs. #TOI controversy in a nutshell

Well, we all by now probably know the controversy around Deepika Padukone lashing out at The Times of India for passing off a top view of her neck-line as ‘news’. TOI in response tried to take a unseemingly cool way out by responding to her on twitter saying… Continue reading

Sunny Side Up: The Krrish 3 Experience

Just a couple of days back I caught up with my college buds. We had a stimulating chat about movies, theatre and whatnot creative. One of them discussed the plot of Krrish 3 and said how Ra.One had a better story.

Firstly, I find it funny when people compare Krrish 3 & Ra.One especially because it doesn’t matter to either Hrithik or SRK that which movie performed better. Shahrukh Khan is to benefit from the success of Krrish 3 as well, for his VFX house did a major chunk of work on it. Talk about business-mindedness.

Coming back, while discussing the movie’s plot, the bugger disclosed all the ‘suspense’ from the movie.

I’m normally the one to get agitated by such farce. Hate having my movies spoiled, even if I don’t intend on watching them. But I was in a jolly nostalgic mood and my friend thought he’s doing us a favour by indulging in the verbal-diarrhoea.

Ironically, the plot twists seemed intriguing enough Continue reading