“The most creative agency in the world”

 “Treat your employees right so they won’t use your internet to look for new jobs.” – Mark Zuckerberg

We’ve all been there. Job-hunting. Either while you’re unemployed, or while you’re at a place you want to get out of.
I was the former. I was unemployed. I have this tendency of taking breaks between jobs. It helps me get out of the mindset of the company I was a part of, keeps me available for impromptu job interviews and meetings, and most importantly it gives me a breather.

A good chunk of people who look at my résumé or hear about where I’ve been working come up to me and tell me, “Why did you leave that place? It’s supposed to be the most creative advertising agency in the world.” What’s about to follow is a compilation of rants that I respond with. Continue reading


Life’s a pitch.

Hadn’t been at home for more than a combined 7 hours in 3 days. Because we were working on the biggest pitch of our careers so far. Prior to that the team was strutting like students who think they are prepared before their exams. Yes, think. And just like many of such students we too realised that a lot is pending.

And the strutters became the tiptoers. Continue reading

The Green Grass Goof-up

I quite often have a chat with my Creative Director where we talk about creativity, day-to-day practices, life in other agencies along with the regular gupshup. He recently shared an incident with me that astonished me beyond belief. Here’s some background before we go forward:

We are the only advertising agency for a reasonably large innerwear company. We handle their ATL (above-the-line) & BTL (below-the-line) work, just not digital. I wish we did that too, the crass those buggers share on their page is painfully crappy (they, being their sub-standard digital agency). I’m pretty sure even the brand managers Continue reading

When a client loves your work so much, he scraps it.

An overview of the client’s reaction after I presented a narrative poem I wrote for the TVC.

The background:

What it means to me

Have worked on the project for over a year, (out of which religiously worked on it for two months). Started off as a dream project that later turned into a nightmare I just wanted to get over with. Continue reading