This wish wasn’t really for you.

Wrote the following for a brand. But a change in brief made it unneeded.
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Five tech predictions for 2016

Just read this post on Medium by Kevin Rose.

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#AwakenYourForce, you must!

It was a little known fact that I have an addiction to movies. In fact my entire family is an avid consumer of Bollywood, which has made me a ‘filmy keeda’ myself. And firang cinema is something that I began subjecting myself to once I discovered the genre of psychological thrillers.

This was a well kept secret until I was asked to handle a Bollywood account in my current company and the cat was out of the hat. Whether I wanted to be that or not, now i’m the go-to guy for everything Bollywood at my workplace. Continue reading

7 random takeaways from Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’

Random indeed! Check out this random review of Dilwale’s Gerua…


This is the inaugural post at REVHUMAN! Thank you for reading what you’re about (or attempting) to read. We’re big Shah Rukh Khan fans here, and one of his upcoming movies ‘Dilwale’ is very close to its release.

So we thought, why not kick this blog off with the *wait they are back together dancing & romancing in a beautiful scenery* song ‘Gerua’. Here are 8 random things that you can take away from Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’.

1. It’s a reminiscent of ‘Sooraj Hua Madham’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. In fact some say this song is ‘Sooraj hua…’ on steroids.

giphy (1).gif

Then singing sensation Sonu Nigam has been replaced with now singing sensation Arijit Singh. The locations are serene, dupatta’s and pallu’s are flaring, Kajol’s STILL running, you get the drill.

But somehow, Rohit Shetty’s limitation as a romantic director came through, the unnecessary slo-mo has made sure none of the actors lip-sync the song…

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The Quotient of Greatness.

Almost 4 years ago, I was nothing that I am now. Heck, I was nothing. A confused student of finance, an actor in college drama with no future. And going though a phase where I needed income to remove some pressure from ‘la familia’. I was still given freedom of a year to do a course or learn a skill that made me job-ready. But the pressure was still visible.

I was looking for the right courses that were a cross between reputed & cheap. It was obviously not easy. And side-by-side I was also hunting for an internship or a part-time source of income. Continue reading

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Just read an interesting post on Medium.
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October Rain

It’s October. And it is hot as ever.
the clouds line up, a cool breeze gives a faint whisper. Loud enough to give a twitch on your lips, but mild enough to not make you close your eyes.

You ignore the feeling and get on with your life and then it hits you. A drop that wakes up your entire body. Continue reading


There’s music playing. But not the kind that you’re used to hearing.
The music of wind that touches your skin on a hot night.
The feeling of your hyper senses calming down after a relaxing walk by the beach.
The fire that you feel in your chest after the first shot of tequila. Continue reading


When the sun sheds its light on you, tearing through the darkness of pain and turmoil… It shows you hope. It gives you warmth. But if you get too comfortable, if you start taking it for granted, it shows its real prowess.

Its strength, which has the power to perish all those it sources. The flower that it helps bloom can also wither away in its wrath. It has the power to pave the way to a lost soul and even to blind the mightiest of warriors. Continue reading