Sunrise म द फ क‌‌!

Well, I’m back. I’ve convinced myself that writing these ramblings work like therapy. I have a table fan whirring in my ear and the sunlight seeping through the window. Sunlight, when you haven’t slept, appears to be piercing.

Imagine a dark alley, the streets that connect to the alley are stranded as if it’s a scene from “I am legend”. You see a treasure chest in the middle of that alley, right where there’s usually a dumpster. You open the treasure chest out of sheer curiosity. You’re vary of not attracting too much attention, so you anxiously, but swiftly open the treasure chest. And there shines through a bright golden ray growing wider and wider like the riches Alibaba hid. Something like that. It’s basically too bright. But in a piercing yet pleasant way.

Bright sunrises like these make me wonder how beautiful I would’ve found it had I been a morning person. But I’m barely a person, so bright sunrises are out of the window. Pretty much literally.

If you focus on the ray, you see it doesn’t travel alone. It brings with it specks of dust as they glitter and sparkle into the room. Some may say that the dust probably exists in the room and the light just bounces off of it, but I’m not a morning dust expert to comment on its accuracy. That’s also because partly I like to believe that the sun brings in its agents as a part of an elaborate entrance.

Sunrise म द फ क‌‌!


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