Teamwork makes the dream work.

Ever heard of the cliché, there’s no I in team?
But what about integrity?

If you’ve ever worked in a ‘team’ – a group of individuals who work together towards a common goal. You know that that definition is bullshit.

Here are the kind of people you find in a team:

Meet the team leader
Someone who’s been there long enough and has seen and known enough about the brand, that they feel they have an innate command over anyone and everyone who steps into that team.

Meet the person who thinks they are the team leader
This kind of an individual who reeks of entitlement. The ‘been there, done that’ kinds. They command respect, even if they don’t really deserve it.

The locker room leader
The locker room leader is chill AF. They’re happy being underrated, but they know when to speak up and they know they’ll be heard loud and clear. They’re the go to person in situations of peril and confusion, and everyone respects them, largely because they don’t openly command it.

The ‘I’ve done shit too’ guy
That one guy who has been around. And that’s all. They’ve just been around long enough to become furniture. They speak up when least relevant, and keep whispering and complaining.

The ‘get shit done’ person
This kind is selfish. They want to finish things even before they start. Often leading to situations where they get to their part first, finish it off in time and get the fuck out of office. They usually shine out because they’re always busy and raring to go… home.

The straight-shooter
They’re a faster version of the aforementioned gets-shit-done person, they gel well with the team, they help out other people, albeit reluctantly. But they’re good people to have next to you in times of crisis. However, what they gain in speed, they lose in accuracy.

The guppy
Guppies are just happy to be there. They’re open to learning, at least that’s how they go about. But they manage to slip in a monologue of two on their experience once every while.

All their powers combined you get a dysfunctional team.

Which kind are you? And which kind do you love/hate working with?



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