To write about writing…

I’ve been scribbling for a while now. Not leading to much substance.

But that doesn’t mean one should stop trying. You keep writing anyway till it all starts making sense. You write to improve, for there are better writers than there are worse.
You write to prove, it’s good to remind yourself what you’re capable of. You write because it feels good anyway, well, at least eventually.

It may not be path-breaking… Not very close to earth-shattering, either. But it is what it is. Your scribbles, your thoughts, your emotions, whatnots.

Throw in a rhyme every once in a while.
Throw in a pun if it doesn’t seem too vile.

Throw it in anyway if there’s someone to catch.
Even if it’s someone whose thoughts don’t match.

You keep writing to see how often you stop.
You keep writing till you pen what that makes your heart skip, jump and hop.

Keep writing to check how smooth the words flow.
Keep writing till you reach the thoughts where you don’t often go.

Tap into that dark space you tend to avoid.
If the words flow stronger, it’s worth stepping into the void.

Refuel the ink with what you think and the ink gets thicker.
Don’t disregard the voices in your head, go ahead, let them bicker.

Write to distract yourself from all that bothers.
Leak the evil out of your head before it smothers.

You start with scribbles, ones with no semblance.
And then you reach a point where it all makes sense.

For only when you push yourself to start, you see yourself ascend,
from the ramblings of a mad man to the thoughts of a legend.



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