Do we really grow up or are we just pretending?

Growing up is difficult. Especially when you’re a child.

Puberty screws with your body in more ways then one. Bills step in between you and your dream life.

Laziness and naps become the most fulfilling activity of life. You meet a lot of people and get disappointed with social altercations.   

You have to work for people who are working for people who are working in order to get big enough to work with bigger people who work… You get the drill.

We grow into a common struggle: ‘we need money but do we really need money?’

Then you reach a point where you really don’t want anything. Just want to cuddle alone in your room till further notice.

With great knowledge comes greater disappointment.

It should be a commonly accepted fact that the ignorant are usually the happiest. Well, until someone who’s ‘woke’ points their ignorance to them and makes them sad too. Good job you woke piece of shit. You couldn’t see an idiot be happy.

When I say with great amount of knowledge I mean vast amount of knowledge. 

The ideal world is everyone being average. Everyone has everything. They all live a happy fulfilled life with love and money and free wifi and netflix… Wear matching hats, feel the same weather. Drink the same coffee. But that’s not the case. The more time spent on the web (millennial context), the more we learn about the world and the idiocy, lunacy, act of crime, act of human, act of god, and more… a part inside of us shrivels up under a blanket and cries while asking for mommy.

When you see others suffer, everything you do suddenly becomes a privilege. Regardless of how hard you hustled, clawed or steered through a predicament to get to where you are and do what you do. In comparison it becomes a privilege. Whether you feel so yourself or whether someone (that woke idiot) points it out to you… You’re suddenly less happy. 

The ignorant do a lot of pointing out themselves, but in their defence… They don’t know any better. Not until that woke sad excuse of a human being had to ruin it for them. (I’m rooting for you and your ignorance, buddy.)

As you grow up everything is more and more clear and everything’s basically an agenda.

Democracy in its purest form is a sham because humans can’t be trusted; whether individually or collectively. Every one wants to stand out and be different from everybody else and thus form counter-opinions to sound superior and make the opposite feel inferior to get an assurity. That’s all. (It’s also the true meaning of life – uncredited)

In a system of so many confusing facets we need to make important decisions with pointless outcomes and pointless decisions with life-altering outcomes. Yes, we. Us. Hum. You. Me. Your best friend. 

Do you ever get the feeling that yesterday you were doing something pointless for the sake of fun and wonder how you’ve been catapulted to do some crucial tasks? It’s an insanely complex sentence, you don’t really have to answer right now. Nostalgia is not the emotion to envision, dumbfoundedness is. You could be mentally arguing with yourself on which Spider-man is the best web-slinger one moment and can be taking an executive decision the next which could compoundly affect the livelihood of various unsuspecting people.

Ever sat in a room full of professionals for professional reasons where you’re pretty much as professional as the next bloke having a serious work discussion and zone out thinking, ‘How did I get here?’, ‘I was bunking lectures, chilling in the canteen. And now I have a dad-bod, kids call me uncle and I’m craving caffeine. What the hell happened?’


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