The Devil’s Workshop.

An unpacked suitcase from a month-ago trip. A work-desk that hasn’t been used for work for the better part of a decade is now a storage space that has run out of space.

The packets of milk on the table spend the customary hour-long daily layover between the door and the fridge.

He sits uncomfortably. Stretches his back awkwardly; Realising that it hurts him, but not enough at the moment to make him sit-up straight.

The night’s over and the sun is shining brighter than the lights in the room still switched on from ‘yesterday’.

His today has not yet begun for his yesterday is yet to end. His mind’s making plans for tomorrow with people who have already begun their today, not knowing they’ll be denying someone later in the day.

Nature moves forward and he sits back holding on wondering… Wondering if his thoughts are darker than they used to be or is it that he pays heed to them now more than before.

He gets a call from a work ‘arrangement’; one that he has arranged to fit his vices; one that benefits definitely not him… He’s needed 3 days forward for a meeting in the morning- the time which is for him the night. “Don’t you be late and miss it!” the phone transmits, “Don’t worry, I just won’t sleep!” he jokes… with himself.

The sun continues to shine and it feels good. The gentle morning breeze makes him wonder how pleasant he’d feel if he started his day like this, not ended it.

He starts his day in the dimming light of noon, in the shadows he feels awake and in the optimism of nature he calls it a day.

He adjusts his posture, now perhaps less out of pain but more out of excitement. He finds himself these moments of inspiration, that fills him up with the motivation to dominate the world. Soon which is deflated as the invisible cloud returns. The cloud of emptiness, nothingness and idling. That’s the thing about nothing, you never understand its presence or absence. Its possibility alone makes life come to a pause. Till…

But no, he’s probably just lazy and should get his act together. He’s lucky that he can take time off while others shed sweat, blood and tears. Maybe, he’s just privileged to be in pain.



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