October Rain

It’s October. And it is hot as ever.
the clouds line up, a cool breeze gives a faint whisper. Loud enough to give a twitch on your lips, but mild enough to not make you close your eyes.

You ignore the feeling and get on with your life and then it hits you. A drop that wakes up your entire body.
Makes you creep out wondering what that was. But you look around the dusty ground and see inconsistent dark spots which signify the drops of nature’s nurture.

You feel some more annoying drops till you soon get used to the inconsistent pattern of raindrops. The heat will go away now. Reprise in the form of rain. Before these thoughts leave your head you run for shade or try to walk through it.

And it stops. All of a sudden, like nothing happened. A mirage of hope. Taken away.
The belief of the potential of happiness. Shattered.
But it’s alright. You never expected much anyway. Even if you did, you have to now show that you didn’t.

You continue living with the heat as you don’t know life otherwise. You forget the scorch and the sweat and the anger. And you finally learn to live with it happily.

Then it pours. Nature shows you the finger. It unleashes on you its wrath(?) and smothers you with it. You give it no heed, pretend it doesn’t bother you. And it lashes out harder. Till you bow your head and accept your defeat.
That’d teach you to mess with nature.


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