There’s music playing. But not the kind that you’re used to hearing.
The music of wind that touches your skin on a hot night.
The feeling of your hyper senses calming down after a relaxing walk by the beach.
The fire that you feel in your chest after the first shot of tequila.

Are you listening? Are you listening to the sound of how my heart beats for you?
How I lose myself when I become one with you. How I feel like destroying the world because nothing else is good enough for us, nothing apart from each other.

It’s you and me against the world, babe. I can’t stand it when you’re away from me. Even when I can barely stand myself once I’m through with you. But that’s it, right. I can never be through with you. Not without a painful goodbye.

You’ve become a part of me and right now I cannot stay apart from you.

Let’s get together and set this world ablaze, tequila. Because tonight it’s you and me against this world.


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