When the sun sheds its light on you, tearing through the darkness of pain and turmoil… It shows you hope. It gives you warmth. But if you get too comfortable, if you start taking it for granted, it shows its real prowess.

Its strength, which has the power to perish all those it sources. The flower that it helps bloom can also wither away in its wrath. It has the power to pave the way to a lost soul and even to blind the mightiest of warriors.The warmth it gives to comfort has the very power to drain life of the living.

The only difference is the intent.

With all that it can do there’s nothing supernatural about the sun. For it is me and it is you.
The sun is no different than us all.

What we can help nourish, we can also destroy.
What we can love, we can also harm. It takes the same effort, the same existence. The only difference is intent.


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