Broken out of the world…

Then there are days when your mind thinks like this…


This world we live in…

It restricts us.
It controls us.

We’re puppets without anybody pulling the strings. We are lost souls looking out for things we think we love. But it’s all an influence. An unreliable influence.

Anybody with any power tries to control those who are powerless.

We’re all sheep, man. And we are guided by sheep in wolves’ clothing.

We’re all living in an idea. Someone elses idea, somebody we don’t know. But we do it. Call it peer pressure, but then who gave your peer that right?

A teacher without a student is not a teacher.

We’re all lead by false ideals. We’ve seen so much that we dislike. We fall in love with the things we hate the least. Is that an option? Is that your idea of free will?

We’re all equals, man. We just don’t know it.


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