Time off.

When you get that split second of blankness in your mind when you’re in the middle of two thoughts and you feel that your head is heating up… You need a break. (either that or it’s a medical condition)

A break is easy to take, just ask at your workplace to get a couple of (or more) days off, sort some work out in advance so that your absence is not felt and a couple of people you can count on to cover for you if need be. Unless you’re on probation, or you just blatantly suck at what you do, you wouldn’t be declined.

Challenge: Convincing folks in office why you need the time-off and how you’ll make up for it.

Workplace: Check

The next step is slightly complex. Telling your family that you won’t be going to work for a few days and you won’t be going out either. You need some time to give your body and mind (usually much deserved) rest. It gets complex when your folks question you why it’s needed. Because they never did. And they’re right, if you think about it. How many times did you see your mom & pop not go to work because they ‘needed a break’. It’s pretty much a modern-day phenomenon. Once you let them soak that it (or you just ask them to deal with it)… You’re one step closer to peace of mind.

Challenge: Making your family understand your ‘much needed break’ and why you won’t be doing any household chores as that would violate the very foundation of your break.

Home: Check

‘Time for yourself’ usually means time away from everyone around you. This includes that special someone you’re dating. It gets really dicey explaining to them why you don’t want to spend time with them, even though you won’t be as busy as you are. Usually they would understand your stress and let you be, but sometimes their love for you would make them slightly persuasive. You know, ‘what if we just meet for a quick bite?’ or something as cute as ‘I’ve been feeling like meeting you everyday from the past few days, let’s just meet today, okay?’ and if you somehow resist that, sigh, things can get a bit seductive. You’d like that, you wouldn’t mind that, but eventually you would realise it just beat the purpose of going underground. But, eh, exceptions.

Challenge: Explaining the girlfriend that you love her and miss her too, but this time off is much needed for you to continue being the loving & caring gift of a person that you usually are otherwise you might just turn into an angry-hungry gremlin..

Girlfriend: Limbo

Ooh this one’s my favourite. Something that we all love to hate and many-a-times hate to love. And something I can’t technically hate as it helps me pay my bills at the moment. Social Media!

No matter how much you try, you really can’t go out of touch. From the past few years your entire social life from your laptop has now moved to that magical device in the palm of your hand that we still call, the phone. It keeps you so much in sync with the outside world, it’s like you didn’t miss a thing. Something happened in office? There’s an office group to tell you. Same with friends. Even though it’s not on top of the list, it’s pretty much the most important tool you need to dodge in order to go into hibernation.

Challenge: Resisting the urge to go online and discovering how the world is doing without your involvement.

Social Media: Get outta here!

Last, but definitely not the least, are your friends. The people you spend (or want to) most your time with. You can’t just tell them to leave you alone for sometime. The nice-nosy buggers would assume the worst and would want to be by your side and guide you through it.

Friends be like: calm your shit, go ahead and chill out, buddy.

But you realise that the agreement won’t hold when you receive a call from your buddies saying, ‘hey we’re down here for dinner/drinks/ice cream/drugs, show up, na? No you have to. You seem to have forgotten your friends. you’re coming here and we don’t care how’

*breathing intensifies*

Challenge: Communicating to your friends that being unavailable for work, family & love, yet being available for leisure makes Jack a downright asshole.

Friends: Check*

*Conditions Apply

You need to plan well and sort these situations well in advance before you plan on taking that staycation. Take my word for it. Once you tackle these situations, you can take out all the time for yourself. Reading that book you’ve shelved for some time now. Finish that series you had quit watching abruptly. Watch some new movies. Try to detox and get into shape maybe. Get a haircut. Repair some of your stuff you never could due to lack of time. Sleep.

I intend on doing almost all of these in my time-out. As a matter of fact i’ve almost sorted all the above difficulties. The only twist here is that 4 days have passed while doing so and I only have one day to get all of this done. Sigh. Maybe next time.


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