Read between the lines

When I wake up I think of you.
When I sleep I’m worried about thinking of you in the morning.
When I forget about you I’m reminded. When I remember, I wish I had forgotten.
My back-ache can sometimes really be a pain in the ass.

I try to distance myself from you,
knowing that deep-down I don’t want to, knowing that I can’t.
But I still try. Knowing that I will fail. But this failure has a guilty pleasure in itself.
I’m not sure when I became a workaholic.

Without you my path is blurry. With you I can see, oh so clearly.
Without you everything is gibberish. With you everything makes sense.
When will you be mine again? Oh, when will it end… the suspense?
Come on optician-guy, fix my glasses already!

You make me shiver, you make me weak in the knees.
Your desire is a killer, but your departure is satisfying.
You take control of my body, like it’s yours to take.
And I love you for it, succumbing to you is never a mistake.
Where them Oreos at? This hunger is killing me.

This was a sweet sensual romantic poem, right? Press CTRL+A or select all the text and read again.
And that’s why you should always read between the lines! Cheers.


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