Midnight Mind-Juice.

How can I hate sleeping as much as I love sleeping? It’s probably how it feels to be married to someone.

I wonder how much time we spend in zombie-mode. Like you know, we aren’t asleep, but are not fully awake. We’re daydreaming, but not really thinking anything. Such blankness, yet such chaos.

It’s 2:40 am in the morning. But I can’t sleep even though it’s something I’ve been craving for months.

I can listen to the distant beats of Marathi music. There’s a celebration going on in my area. And it’s a complete family-scene too! My family keeps complaining at times at what the hell are these folks celebrating at this hour. Usually it’s some festival from the calendar, but many-a-times it’s something unknown. And since I passed the phase where I had to study for some very difficult exams, I’ve realised I don’t have any problem with these midnight celebrations anymore (Great Success!). I’ve learned from my lane-mates that there shouldn’t be any particular reason to celebrate… As long as there is one, it’s good enough.

What am I achieving at home, not celebrating? What am I getting out of not dancing and singing with my loved ones?

Just because my family and now me have become a part of this routine, this system of…being boring. Of working and tiring and sitting and waiting for time to pass until it’s appropriate enough to fall asleep.
That doesn’t mean we’re making the correct use of our time and other folks are idiots.

Sometimes I have fun knowing, someone else is having fun. And no that’s not always.

Okay, so perhaps this blank zombie-mode space is not that blank after all.



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