Disconnect to connect

Once you start working, and get involved into a few important roles, undertake a few responsibilities (how well you to take them up is a different question altogether)… you start taking your work everywhere. And soon all civility is lost when your work-life takes over your cell phone.

I’ll take you through the systematic destruction of your phone’s sanctity step-by-step. Trust me you’ll love it so much, you just might cry out of agreement.

  • It all begins with texts, texts of colleagues and clients talking about work accompanied by the occasional phone call
  • For the ‘internet-enabled’, it goes up another level with emails coming into the picture
  • Then clients and colleagues shun all formalities and start whatsapping about work. Some add you into annoying work related groups; (which is usually named after a pun around the brand name)
  • Speaking of groups, how could I forget facebook? One solitary place where you try to lose yourself, far away from the clutches of the chaos known as work. Yup, a work group here as well, you know to act a reason to check out facebook at work (like we needed one)

With one of these platforms notifying you almost the entire day, you have no personal space left in your personal phone

So what can be the solution? Popping another sim card if you have a dual sim device? Maybe not because the dual notifications will clutter your phone twice as much. Another smartphone perhaps. Hmm, has a good ring to it. One with enough horsepower to run your favourite games. Entertain you with music & videos without the fear of constant ringing and interruption. A simply awesome phone that lets you have some you-time.

Obviously being a second-phone it needs to be light on the pocket. But it shouldn’t be so light, that it makes no impact at all. Should help you use your favourite apps uninterrupted, play your favourite games. One could perhaps install some uncommon chat apps, where you can invite and chat exclusively with your dear ones. Maybe even pop in a new sim card only to connect with the ones you love.

No, this is not the ‘guide to become antisocial in 500 words’. It is, well. Actually it is. You can make your new phone an anti-social device. Anti-social to the extent where only your dear ones have access to you.

Won’t it be nice to have a device, where you choose what you want to do? Without the social norms, without peer pressure. Without the hassle of pleasing or pushing away people. As I said it has a nice ring to it. A smartphone like moto e, I believe, is a good option for your antisocial device. At under 7k, it’s affordable, powerful & is packed with all the features one chooses to access.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’d know that my recent posts are all about new beginnings and starting afresh. So when the cool folks from Moto E asked me what will I #choosetostart with the android smartphone, this how I responded to them.  

To sum it up in a single line. I’ll choose to restart my social life. You too can #choosetostart something awesome with the new Moto E. Want to know more about the phone? Well, you can head straight to www.startwithmotoe.com and choose to know about the features of your interest with their innovative launch site! Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to add something to this blog post. Ciao, folks!


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