Life’s a pitch.

Hadn’t been at home for more than a combined 7 hours in 3 days. Because we were working on the biggest pitch of our careers so far. Prior to that the team was strutting like students who think they are prepared before their exams. Yes, think. And just like many of such students we too realised that a lot is pending.

And the strutters became the tiptoers.

A sleepless night to crack ideas was followed by another sleepless night to stitch them.

Quick Question; what happens when you put in many exhausted creatives in the same room?
It doesn’t matter. It’s still going to be beautiful.

And beautiful the result was. the result of a mental orgy of around 10 absurd brains. A lot of eye-watering yawns, inside jokes, shaking heads and laughing imbeciles created an account-winning pitch. Yup, no suspense here.

When you work in a competitive industry like marketing, winning feels good, winning equals happiness.

And that victory always acts as a reminder of what you’re capable of. When you’re down & out of ideas, when clients push down your morale like a bully in a swimming pool, and you think you just can’t do it. Such victories remind you about your awesomeness.

A pitch is basically proving to someone that you got what it takes to make someone happy. And winning that pitch makes you happy. If you think about it, many elements of what we do in our lives qualify as pitching. When you ask out a girl, you’re pitching for her heart. When you convince your folks for some extra cash, that’s a pitch, a desperate one maybe, but definitely one that counts. When you interview for a job, you’re pitching for your career and at the same time your potential employer is pitching for a money-maker.

When you’re watching something on TV, those are the artists pitching for your approval and interest. When we’re caught by a traffic cop for breaking a rule, we’re pitching for freedom. Everything’s basically a pitch.

And winning it is…well…

Be it in advertising or in our regular (or extraordinary) lives, the key to winning any pitch is to keep it real. Understanding the possibilities, knowing the limitations, reading what the dude or dudette at the other end wants. Don’t promise the stars and moon if you’re too lazy to go get a slice of leftover pizza from the fridge. Keep it real. Pitch it like it is.

Over the years that I can recall, I’ve understood one simple fact, among others. Life’s a pitch. And winning it is happiness.

Making some noise for my ex-muse Coca-Cola who wanted to know what happiness means to me. It’s recent video is an elaboration of how we celebrate after winning most of the big ‘pitches’ in our lives. With ‘some elements’ obviously left to be added. #IfyouknowhatImean.



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