The sweet taste of failure.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed that I’ve fully gone into #tbt mode. So this story also goes back to college, which was not so long ago.

In first year B.Com, I had probably given up on attending lectures. Not because I was some cool dude with a happening social circle or had anything better to do. The lectures began at 7:20am. Enough said.

So the year began, the months flew away quickly and exam-time approached like a jug of Kool-aid. Not so subtle.

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Our economics teacher is one of the sweetest there is. She would explain things, clear doubts, give us free lectures, let us choose our assignments and talk to us like we were all friends, heck, she never even forced us to attend all her lectures.

She often told us to take her subject seriously though. Which was a part I probably missed at the first go. So the exams happened, I studied last-minute and attempted enough to give me passing marks.

And the results came, and to my surprise I cleared! Cleared from the embarrassment of scoring a 0 out of 50.

Because I scored 2 marks out of 50. 4% marks. Yes.

At that moment I learnt two things. Don’t underestimate the professionalism of a sweet teacher. Don’t trust friends who tell you ‘kuch nahi padha, tapak ne wala hu’ and score 15 times more than you.

So in order to save myself from failing the subject and picking up a ‘KT’ in the exams, I needed to get off my ass and bust it like there’s no tomorrow. I needed 33 marks out of 50 in the next sem. With ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in the background, I studied. And not only I studied, but I understood economics. Prepared quite a lot in advance and gave my best for the final sem papers.

Then came the pivotal moment. The moment of truth. It was all there. The fruit of my efforts. How much did I score?

Which is a great upgrade from the previous semester’s 2/50. But which also meant that I failed economics that year by 6 marks.

Where’s the optimism you ask me? It’s what I learnt. No not economics. But no to take anything in life lightly to the extent of losing it. As much as we want to, we all can’t be a Mahendra Singh Dhoni yaar; take it down to the last over and win with a 6!

Going back to my bollywood roots, ‘Haarke Jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hai…’ And the lesson was a kind of victory for me. You know the kind where only you know you’ve won? That kind of victory.

Another shout to, for wanting to hear my story of optimism where (in my case) failure proved to be an inspiration like no other. It’s a constant motivator to take opportunities seriously, give your 100% and also, finding happiness in your efforts. 🙂


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