No calling ka fikar. Just chat Quikr!

I hate talking to people. No I’m not the anti-social kind (per se). But I feel it’s better to have a chat with someone rather than calling and hearing their voice (& hearing theirs). The awkward ‘mmmmms’, ‘errrrs‘ & the cult-favourite ‘uhhhhhhhhs‘. Science has proven chatting is more productive than talking.

According to this infographic I stumbled upon on Mashable, based on survey conducted 71% of teenagers prefer texting over calling (29%).

And why not? Texting can help you make not of all the things you wanna say, and you won’t get interrupted and lose your chain of thought. Also, when you’re on a date or in a meeting or in any other situation that needs your physical and vocal attention, chatting is the easiest way to interact with people away from you!

Nowadays when we buy something online, we don’t call up the amazons or flipkarts of the world to place an order. We read the specifications, and if we like what we read, if we are satisfied with the visual data we see; we go for the purchase!

So why not use that logic while selling off your used/unused goods? Why share your number out on the internet, for any Tom, Dick or Harry out there to call you?

Just like that when I’m making a transaction I would prefer chatting initially and only when I’m in the closing stages of the deal would I like to talk to the person (if at all) to discuss the nitty-gritty of the deal.

Quikr India, the free classifieds website for buying and selling of used & unused goods came up with this unique application where you can interact with prospective buyers/sellers without having sharing your mobile number. Which sounds pretty awesome for 3 reasons:

Simplicity: Like I emphasised above; Why talk when you can chat? Chatting saves effort & time and you can easily figure out if the people contacting you are genuinely interested or are just confused souls loitering on the internet. Also, you can maintain a chat history of the talks you have with buyers and sellers, and can easily go back and make a decision on who would be the right buyer for your product!

Sharing Images: No matter how hard you try, you can’t describe a product good enough for someone to visualise it exactly the way it is. Unless you’re Jeffrey Archer, of course. Sharing detailed images upfront is not always a great idea, but when a buyer is really interested and wants a good final look before sealing the deal, you can share more images while you talk and make the sale!

Privacy: This one’s a big daddy! The internet is full of trolls and spammers. Why have your personal mobile number listed on the web for people to contact; what are the odds of them actually being interested in the deal you’re offering? what if they call you to ask obvious questions and then say that they’ll get back to you, and you know by then that they never will.

And there it is! The Quikr NXT app is now available on android & ios platforms, so why not give it a try when you’re trying to sell of the things you don’t need anymore! No fikar. Bech Quikr!


Feedback Please.. :)

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