Ekta Kapoor’s the Tyler Durden of our times.

What if Ekta Kapoor read/saw Fight Club.

She decided to give back to the society what they discarded.
The drama, the politics, the angst, families suppressed or eliminated.
What if she took that and gave it back to them in the form of ‘entertainment’
What if she fed to the society, what the society tried denying.
The affairs, The murders, The lies, The horror.
The stories that ‘society’ likes keeping behind closed doors.
Things they pretend don’t exist out of shame.
What if all her viewers are space monkeys?
Waiting to laugh or cry at her simple command…
But will turn on her the moment she stops her ‘service’.

Tyler Durden gave back to the society in the form of Soap.
What if she’s giving it back in the form of Soap Operas?

It’s funny how reading a book can influence your thinking.
Fight Club’s all on my mind. And it’s very evident as you may have read.


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