How to make roads safer? (Roadrage is not the option)

What can I do to make streets safer? Hmm.  Simple. Not drive. Take public transport.  Carpool.

These sound like a safe enough option right? Nope, these are just pollution-friendly. Right, so what do we do? Grab a hold of an abandoned ambulance, re-vamp it and pretend to be…nah too illegal.

Wait for the hovercraft technology to be perfected and get it RTO approved (not sure if they’ll have a say in that though) and fly your way to your destination! Nah, that’s too futuristic, and slightly improbable in the near (distant) future.

So what can we do? We can’t convince people to not take their vehicles out. I mean, come on. People work hard, earn their living, and gather enough nerve to take a loan to buy their (closest to the) dream vehicle. We can’t expect them not to drive it, especially when they intend to enjoy it.

But then, how can we make our life on the roads better?

I have a solution!

Follow the rules better.

I mean come on. There’s one thing we need to do, is follow the rules. I know we are accustomed to the ‘I break the rulez (the ‘z’ is intentional) phase’.

But as Jack Nicholson said in the ‘Mars Attacks!’; why can’t we all just get along?

It’s simple, suck it in, accept the Govt’s authority and follow the rules. Don’t cut lanes, leave slightly early for your destination, Follow the signals, Stay behind the zebra crossing, RESPECT THE DARN PEDESTRIANS, Understand that many of them would be idiot jaywalkers.

Yes these are all the rules that we normally agree to. There’s nothing unique or innovative about them. But then why not try following it religiously in the first place? Lead the change! As the great <someone famous> had once said, ‘Be the change your bus conductor expects from you!’ Okay, I just made that part up.

But the rest of it I mean! Follow the rules, and you know… You just might inspire the right amount of people (even 1 is enough).

And before you implement these rules, it’s obvious you need to understand them!

That’s where the good people at Nissan step in. Yup, not just makers of good vehicles, but also spreaders of good karma!

You can go to the Nissan Safety Driving Forum, and understand how to be a good street-citizen!

Thanks guys, the rant ends here. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to make roads safer? (Roadrage is not the option)

  1. Shivam, i knew you were talented but i never knew you were so good. Loved every word till the end. I liked the way you twisted that quote. It was too inspiring and a nice one too 🙂

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