Good Health & Happiness.

So stumbled upon this topic on Indiblogger during Diwali, but could write on it ‘cause I was ill. (somehow ironic, I know)

I thought I’ll write on it, when I feel better, but I was not a 100% for a large part of October. But the topic being about immunity i.e. the ability to fight off illnesses, managed to last longer than my throat infection and cold.

I almost forgot about this as I got caught up in work, but as I saw it again, I realised that I may be; either the most apt person to write on this, or the least appropriate writer for the topic ( depends on perspective, fella!)

So I decided to give it a try…

Ever since I’ve remembered, I’ve been hearing tales of my low immunity. Of how I fell ill every weekend as a baby, or how easily I got a cough or a cold as a toddler. I’ve been told about many cancelled plans thanks to my random ‘falling ill-shenanigans’. I mean how can I parent go out if their baby is struggling?

I remember spending a great part of my school life wiping my nose. So there has to be some truth in this.

Being the unhealthy child, who sneaked in the occasional kala-khatta sherbat or the random ice-nimbu pani post-. Not to mention the innumerable flavoured sodas from the school canteen (which in hindsight, they shouldn’t have been selling to kids)

I’ve realised that I’ve spoilt my health on many occasions thanks to my carelessness. But hey, I was a kid! And around that age we’re more #YOLO than we know!

My mom would run after me with every trick in the book. From cod-liver supplements, to daily spoons of chyawanprash, and countless home remedies in between; my mom tried it all and a lot of it worked out for me, I must say! *touchwood*

No parent or no sibling would like to see their young one sick and sniffing all the time. It saddens them to see their active bundle of joy, lying stationary as they recover from common illnesses. They say kids add brightness to one’s home due to their playful and active hijinks, so if that active kid ever slows down, the brightness obviously gets dimmer.

And no parents want that, no parents would stand for that! And they try as hard as they can, to keep their child healthy & thus keep their home happy!

When we’re kids, we listened to our family members and followed their instructions in order to stay healthy or to keep our immune system robust. But as we grow, we start taking our own decisions, nodding away others’ suggestions.

And as we begin working, we become part of an unhealthy cycle and make unhealthy choices biased towards convenience. Which is obviously not the way forward as we no longer live in a healthy environment. Heck, our ecosystem is polluted enough to make the healthiest bloke sneak under his/her blanket!

So it’s not just the young kids at home, but also the adults around them make up a happy home! And it is imperative for them to take care of themselves, as much as they care for their young ones’ health!

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