The #DeepikaPadukone vs. #TOI controversy in a nutshell

Well, we all by now probably know the controversy around Deepika Padukone lashing out at The Times of India for passing off a top view of her neck-line as ‘news’. TOI in response tried to take a unseemingly cool way out by responding to her on twitter saying…

‘Hey, sugarmama, us referring to your cleavage with ‘OMG’ and other ‘CAPSLOCKED WORDS’ was just a compliment. Here’s a winky smiley face to show you how much we undermine you. ;)’

No, those weren’t their exact words. But that’s almost precisely how they came off. Deepika eventually wrote a letter why she lashed out and how she wants to end the matter then and there. Eventually realising they have the most bought newspaper at their disposal, TOI responded with an article (written by a female, of course) calling Deepika a hypocrite for agreeing to do shoots & movies that showed cleavage, but for making so much fuss about them glamorizing a cheaply taken shot of her cleavage when she wasn’t even posing. They even accused her for lashing out falsely just to promote her movie ‘Finding Β Fanny’.

An even simpler way to explain this would be through an image.

collage_Deep_TOI_(Thanks, Ranveer for standing in as TOI).

What do you think, who’s at fault here? Leave a comment below and let’s get the discussion flowing! Cheers, guys.


2 thoughts on “The #DeepikaPadukone vs. #TOI controversy in a nutshell

  1. I think Deepika is right to take a stand! I am not saying this because I am a woman but because this is atrociously a low-standard news flash by the so-called-(not)-reputed TOI!
    It was very cheap of TOI to flash such a video and then aggravate their cheapness with “it was a compliment” statements. I think they really need to know the literary meaning of a compliment because literally they have some issues with their word meanings!
    This cheap media publicity must stop. Today it was Deepika, tomorrow it can be some other famous woman who is trashed by media. Media is supposed to inculcate good knowledge and substantial news rather than side-tracking innocent or tamed minds. Hope to see some change in media in India! πŸ™‚

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