Optimistic Possibilities, Alternative Realities.

I read a bit about fictional realism today. It basically means that the fictional elements that are a cause for our motivation or entertainment… can and may actually exist. So the characters that we believe in… The ‘Sherlock’s, the ‘Batman’s, the ‘Dexter’s, exist. These creations of brilliant minds that have inspired, entertained and educated us, might actually exist somewhere.

Just got me wondering what if we are also a figment of someone’s creativity?

We were too thought off to fuel someone’s hope, as a symbol of strength, as a standard of humanity. What if a large number of individuals believe in us, some even worship us and hope that we existed in their world! What if our memories, achievements and goals are adventures or plot twists thought by someone in another reality? Groovy don’t you think?

Imagine your posters on children’s walls. Your favourite accessory being duplicated as merchandise and being sold out on the internet. People quoting and swearing by the simple lines you once said in a conversation. The more you think about it, the cooler it gets!

Unlike other possible realities of life, fictional realism has definitely the most optimistic possibilities.

Written in the Stars - Shivam Ratnani

Written in the Stars…


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