What if it’s all a big game?

What if everyone’s into it except for us, the common public?

What if Congress wanted to ‘lose’?

What if they screwed things up so bad, so beyond repair that by the time Modi-BJP uncovers it, their tenure will be over and the blame will fall on them?

What if they have some leverage against the BJP?

It’s said that AAP was a front by Congress to ‘defeat’ the BJP?

What if BJP was a front created by Congress ages back to create an illusion of ‘competition’?

What if democracy is a sham?

Where’s conspiracy Keanu when you need him?

Oh there he is.







Extremists read this:
This is just a light-hearted abstract philosophy based on the nation’s political scenario. It’s no accusation. It’s just an idea. And an awesome movie plot. (Hollywood, are you reading?)


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