At least once every lifetime you come across a place, a situation or a circumstance that moulds you. It evolves you into someone you never knew you were.

It’s not a selfish act, neither a charitable one. It’s somewhere in between, yet not even close to either one.

It all begins with a gut instinct, a stroke of luck, a leap of faith… especially when your back’s up against the wall and your feet are up on the edge. You jump into the unknown, hoping it’s better than the mediocre option you had.

You miss a safe opportunity and instead reach to grab one you have absolutely no idea of.

There you come across the person who has the power and control over that tiny little window.

He’s the one who can take a misfit like you through the burrow to wonderland. And not everyone is capable enough. Not everyone’s invited to escape into wonderland.

Haven’t heard of that one before have you? Escaping in than out.

Sometimes the utmost freedom is felt in the most-isolated environment. Where you come across some more misfits, who you could relate to, but hey what’s that? They don’t consider themselves as misfits. They feel completely…yes that’s the word, they feel complete. The way they are, their strengths, their shortcomings, their erratic emotions are all vital cogs of their personality. And they find nothing about it ‘out-of-place’.

You see them and you realise there was nothing ever wrong about you. There was just something different. And the only thing border-lining on ‘wrong’, was the fact that you hid that side of yourself. you considered it a shortcoming, where it’s your biggest strength!

You thank the person who showed you the path to wonderland. and the others who made you realise that you’re capable of larger things than worry.

Time passes by, and you feel tucked in and cozy, in a place you never knew existed. You nearly forget how life was before you found this place. When you do remember, you recall that you didn’t find this place, the place found you… and when you sit back and wonder why it was you who had to be in wonderland amongst so many who sought and toiled, but to no avail…

You realise, perhaps you had the ability it takes. You had the quotient.


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