Sleep, eh?

In a Mary Elizabeth Frye-esque spur I scribble…
“I’m neither a monster, nor a creep. Yet, I’m here waiting… I do not sleep”
Every time! Every time I have some time off, I lose the urge to sleep at night.
I’m not really an insomniac, I burn myself out and try to sleep in the morning.
But it always happens whenever I have some time off. Bye-bye sleep.

I guess I’m a night person.
OR as a friend of mine suggests, ‘A night owl’
Sometimes I’m not even sure why I’m up all night.
When I tell this to someone they start guessing.
I’m tired of telling them I don’t know it myself to rate their answer.
I’m somewhat productive in the night-time, I’ve gotten myself to believe.
Probably why the brain suggests to delay the ‘shut-eye’ time.
I sleep late, so I get up late, and so I sleep late again and….argh it’s a vicious circle.
I got up at 8:00 pm yesterday. ON A SATURDAY.
I thought I’ll use my time off to boost my social life.
HAHA, as a certain Nelson would say… *sighs*
Damn it, I have absolutely ruined my timings… again.


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