Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” – Chuck Norris 

There’s no problem in having a temper, no, the problem is losing it. You will not see my anger in my clenched fists, you will not see much punch walls, nor will you see me growl in rage.

Where you will sense the anger is in my eyes. Where you will feel it will be in my words. Where you will hear it will be in my silence. You will not feel my strength but you will fear it.

When one loses their temper, one loses their worth and I’m not going to make myself worthless. You’re just not worth it, man.

Anger has enough power to be the ultimate annihilator. But it also has enough grace to be the finest motivator.

It’s truly a skill to have a calm mind when angry. And I thank you for training me at that.

Thank you for falling so low that rising above you is not even a challenge anymore.


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