Very Nice.

That’s become my response to everything these days… so I’ve been told. Oh who am I kidding? It indeed is.

In life you’re come across a point in life where you’re indifferent to most things around you. Some things easier than others. Others I’m just forced to not react. I’m not sure if it is due to things not going your way or you’re just bored. Sometimes it can be both.


I was too bored to sit on my desk and write this post, so I decided to type this while I’m on bed. That’s my laziness derived from boredom. While arranging the laptop on my abdomen, I lost my grip and it hit my face. *don’t ask* I hope it doesn’t swell.

Now in cases like these, you can’t help but not react. Or in my case, say the one phrase that defines it for you…’Very nice!’

Now I’m back on my desk.


While I was typing the above incident, my dad decided to iron his trousers to make ‘em look crisp. It got burnt and now has a crispy rip near the calf area. We bought a new iron and forgot to heat out its film, I remember telling someone, but no one listens to the bearded bloke. The film wasn’t really visible, so he can’t blame himself for noticing.

His probable reaction to it, ‘VERY NICE!’


I don’t sleep at night these days, I sleep in the morning and get up in noon. Every morning I’m greeted by my dad, who is an early riser. He switches on the news and goes along his morning routine.

From the past few days, all we see is news about the upcoming elections. I’m not saying there’s something wrong in showing poll-contestants and election-related information. But trying to mix it with humour, astrology, and repeating it endlessly is what grinds my gears.

Couple of days back they showed some Sholay rip-off video, which was sort of relevant and creative, but too biased to be shown by the media I believe. Yesterday, they were talking about the ‘Saadhe-Saathi’ of Manmohan Singh when he came into power, as if that is the root of all the problems he faced in his tenure.

The best reaction a viewer can give to such information. ‘Hmm, intriguing, wonder what the stars say about Modi or Kejri…………’ Nope, the apt reaction here too is ‘Very Nice!’


There’s some furore going around a rickshaw-wala slapping Kejriwal under the guise of putting a garland around his neck. That’s just sad. I’m neither a supporter nor a revolter…but such behavior is definitely crossing the line. The slapper did get what he went asking for by getting the daylights beaten out of him.

I saw the detailed story 5 times in 50 minutes.

My reaction after the 5th (Okay, maybe the 2nd) time… ‘Very Nice!’

You must be understanding the pattern I’m trying to build, all these instances just happened in the past hour that it took me to write this. I’ll leave you to imagine how the rest of my time-off is faring…I know, now you know… ‘Very Nice!’


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