WWF/E – The Wonder Years

WWE was one of the shows that you could watch with your dad, no matter how old you are. The show had no generation-gap issues whatsoever. I believe more Indians watch WWE than any other country. Or at least they used to one point of time. You see subjecting kids to blood, violence & profanity was never a problem in our country. Most Sindhi/Punjabi kids around the age of 5 know that ‘Pencho…’ is their father’s favourite word. Only to understand 6 years later what it actually meant. Come to think of it, I always felt Indian toddlers are not as intelligent as western toddlers. You see them converse, do intelligent things on TV, whereas Indian kids that age are busy excavating the depth of their nostrils (been there, done that). But then the Indian teenagers, or young adults are usually more accomplished than their western counter-parts. Heck, some of ‘our’ teens are even married by the time ‘their’ teens pass out of high school. We start out slow and lanky, but pick up pace at the last moment. Tell an aunty to walk faster or let you go ahead and prepare for the cursings your mom always tried protecting you from. Watch the same aunty pace ahead once she sees a Sari sale. ‘Arre, 50% off, woh bhi zarri ki sari pe!’ snglc0 Moving back, WWE is now safer and more ‘toned-down’ (so are most wrestlers, thanks to the no-steroid clauses), probably to suit a younger, immature audience. At our time, they didn’t have to tell us to not try stuff at home or school. I couldn’t even lift the steel chairs they smacked people around with. Missed out on such good moments. Sigh. But by gaining new fans, they’ve lost most of the old ones. They got rid of the blood, diva storylines, *beeps* that you always wanted to figure out as a kid. And they gave us John Cena -perhaps the most hated WWE superstar in history- in return. Gee, thanks! funny_cena I don’t wanna be too harsh on him, perhaps even The Rock wasn’t the most during his stay in the WWE. They loved him more after he left officially and returned in cameos. But that surely won’t happen with Cena, unless there’s a dramatic change in his gimmick. Speaking of gimmicks… Does anyone remember having their bubble-bursted?


‘WHAT, THIS IS NOT REAL? Get outta here!’

And then when you did come to terms with the fact that it is scripted, you started noticing how EVERYTHING is a sham. WttooNfwjo And the painful part was that people apart from you didn’t seem to care enough. I mean come on! – I think most of the epic moments in WWE history were in the 90’s and maybe early 2000s. Now, I grew up in the attitude era, so most my best moments are confined there. Triple H kidnapping and marrying Stephanie McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin chasing the guy who ran him over. Undertaker & Kane feuds. Mic Foley going wild in his various avatars. Shane McMahon, the underdog, challenging Goliaths. ….And now we have John Cena. cena_fans If anyone of you watches WWE now, they themselves are trying to bring back the good ‘ol times back. Obviously with the PG content in place. They’ve demoted Cena, brought back Lesnar, and the Corporation (now known as the Authority). Daniel ‘Chris Benoit Move Set’ Bryan, perhaps the modern-day PG Stone Cold Steve Austin (that sounds sad on so many levels). But you must admit, the guy is pretty cool.danielbryanyes02With Wrestlemania XXX being telecasted this week, I just can’t help but feel nostalgic about the addiction WWE was once. Sometimes, I still watch it, just as reminiscence of how awesome WWE used to be.


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