She walked away holding the tears in her eyes. She wasn’t the one to cry. She’s the one whose shoulders have been drenched with tears of her dear ones. She is that pillar everyone longs for in their lives. And I managed to shake the foundation of that monument…

Her chin trembled as she looked at me, the last time she did, I believed then. She walked away with her face towards the ground, the same ground that we walked upon together.

Her smile had many-a-times been the highlight of my days. The same expression that she now attempted to display…but the pink on her face proved to be too strong, stronger than she thought she was herself.

I couldn’t see her walk away, so I didn’t. She wouldn’t come back if I called her, so I didn’t. But she knew she wouldn’t see the last of me, she knew me well enough. Even I believed I wouldn’t go after her. But she knew me better.

As she walked on her usual path, the path we often walked together. There was an urgency in her demeanor, but her stride was slower than ever.

‘Do you even remember crossing the street, Shiv? Neither do your feet. But if you let her walk away now, it would be your biggest defeat’- My heart dramatized.

I reached closer and sensed her sense me, as she pretended to not notice. I walked up to her and grabbed her arm, turned her around dramatically and looked upon her face, glowing from the tears she never shed. With that look of agitation, she made my knees weak. She saw me smile and held back hers, and toyed with me, ‘Hmm… It’s you.’

My face now closer than ever to her blushing beauty, I said, ‘No… it’s just you.’

somewhere in


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