Zip it. Please.

You could hear the voice if you had your iPods on. Cause I could hear it with my iPod on, And I listen to some thrashy (not trashy) music most of the times. I felt if I nearly deafened myself I would be able to ignore their noise and get on with my work.

Why does being a writer have to be so quirky, so visible. Why do people have to see you talk to yourself? Or see you think and come up with something. And if they can see you, why do they have to call you and break your concentration at that exact moment. Why can’t they just ZIP IT?


I’ve been interrupted in my thought process a million times at my workplace… We all have, it’s not a writer-only-problem.

But this is my blog so I’ll mostly use my own example.

Coming back, my problem isn’t being interrupted. My problem is someone who knows they’ll interrupt me, but they do it anyway, and then apologize immediately.

‘Hey I know you are doing something important, I can literally see you do that. But how about you come over to my desk and help me with something I am too incompetent to handle.

And even if I wasn’t really incompetent at this subject. I’ll ask you a vague doubt which is unimportant in the context but I’ll ask you in particular because you seem polite enough to not complain about it. 

And even if you do, I’m just gonna call you out saying it’s a part of your job and people will agree.’

Yup it’s exactly what I hear. That’s exactly how your sorry sounds to me, man. Okay, maybe not that exact. But you get it!

One funny thing to come out of this is, I always believed the ‘creative’ side of my mind stops functioning if there’s a breathing soul in my sight. Yet, I survived a couple of years as a lone creative-copy-dude in an a reasonably chaotic agency. Maybe trying my hand in drama helped me more than I know of.

If you’re an able-minded employee and work with anyone, not just a writer… but ANYONE who’s working with a look of concentration (not to be mistaken with constipation or John Abraham) please… And I don’t usually say it but, please, ZIP IT! Let them be. It’s good karma, trust me.

You’re welcome for all the good vibes you attracted by considering it.



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