Sunsilk gets real with #SunsilkRealFM

A first in Indiblogger, and a first at ‘Quite Literary, Quite Literally
A serious movie review!

This began with one of those short notice meets scheduled to be held on the next day of announcement. But I feel these ones are the ones are more fun. The most exciting aspect of this meet was the weight of the name attached to it- Anurag Basu.
All I knew about this event was that Sunsilk & MTV decided to collaborate and create a brand tele-film. It was probably a goodย  enough pull.

Two brand stalwarts coming together to tell a story inspired by the spirit of the youth. And what way better to connect to us than promoting the tele-film through our very own Indiblogger!

ImageSo when three big influencers come together to connect with you through a story. It’s almost mandatory to expect it to be a rocking experience, right?

We’re about to find out!

The Plot:

Rhea, is a responsible, determined girl. A doting daughter when it comes to her father’s health, a voice of reason to her friends. But underneath she’s just another girl who’s worried if her dress is making her look fat.

Her father, who’s recovering from a heart attack, faces a dilemma at work. He runs a radio channel, called Real FM, which is going under a financial turmoil. To an extent where the employees are fed up for not having received their promised increments.

One of the star RJ, ends up leading a rebellion threatening to walk out of the company with the rest of the employees the very next day if the company doesn’t pay their increments.

This obviously isn’t the best news for a recovering heart patient, with the next day being ‘Independence Day’- meaning a big day for the channel from a sponsors point of view.

The man is under immense stress, sensing the end of the channel he’s worked most of his life for. And has to re-hospitalized. Rhea, unable to bear her father’s pain decides to bring the channel back on its feet. But she can’t do it alone, so she calls in her gang of girls for help- the fiery Natasha & the fearful Saloni.

ImageThey have a panicky start, but soon find their feet on the back of an idea- A song from each state to mark Independence Day.

They receive some good support initially, face a few hiccups here and there… and the rest of the plot goes around the girls’ musical journey as they set off to achieve the unthinkable. (What? I won’t tell you everything. You must watch the movie!)

The good:
Each character introduced in the film has a back story of their own. And my opinion, the way they were dealt with was nothing short of amazing! Be it Natasha’s journalist sister (Akanksha), or the C.A./Comedian, or the *thugs-turned-protectors*, among others.

The movie is heartwarming, and can be easily classified into the ‘feel-good’ genre of cinema. My favourite aspect of the movie would be the humour. I felt it kept the audience connected throughout.

Certain scenes in the movie gave you the appearance of falling in a clichรฉ, but then almost immediately broke out of it. The direction of the movie was fresh, and engaging. There were rarely any limbo moments where you would take your eyes of the screen.

The music:

MTV Films
Being broadcasted on MTV, it would be a sin to not expect some feet-thumping music to groove to. With MTV visibly exploring new genres of music over the years through shows like Soundtrippin’, Roots & Coke Studio @ MTV, even here the choice of music is earthy, warm and quite rocking!

Considering the plot is to have local musicians play their styles of music, the collaboration gelled in perfectly.

Woah, what was that?
In perhaps the 2nd scene of the movie, you see a glimpse inside one of the leading ladies’ bag and you see a bottle of Sunsilk Shampoo. Who carries shampoo in their purse?

This bothers you even more once you finish watching the movie… for there’s no forced or in-the-plot branding in the movie.

For the same point though, you have to hand it the folks at Sunsilk. I mean, being from an advertising background, I know how finicky clients can get when it comes to brand integration.

ImageSunsilk has to be commended for letting it go so smoothly. (Hey that line can go so well for one of their shampoos!)


Verdict? Just like the leading ladies in it, #SunsilkRealFM too is pretty rocking! Sunsilk seems to have gotten the plot very well. (I hope I got most of it too!)

Youth + Music + Anurag Basu = Brand #Win!
Yup, they got the formula right!

Even though the brand film was An Anurag Basu Production, credit must go to the writers, the creative team and last but not the least, the director Akarsh Khurana! He held the fort together splendidly and brought the best out of his actors.

The movie premiered on MTV on the 23rd of March and should be re-running quite frequently! Till then I leave you’ll with the making of the movie for you to know what to look forward to.

P.S.:ย  This was my first full-fledged, non-sarcastic movie review. So some feedback would be loved. Thanks readers! ^_^


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