Pain (not emotional)

My tooth hurts. I think it’s my ‘wisdom’ tooth. Not sure if it’s growing or rotting.
It hurts only when something touches it. But something always does. And when it does not, I do; either with my tongue, a toothpick, or a chewing gum. Disturbingly enough, sometimes even with my finger.

I know it’ll hurt me. But I do it anyway. It’s not that I like the pain, I just keep checking if it has gone away.

I wonder if it has any connection with life. You know the bit, where you hurt yourself by doing something that you know will hurt you. And that you keep checking if the pain has gone away. At a point when you really don’t feel anything, you check thoroughly, and confirm if it’s really gone. Ultimately, when you are absolutely sure that there’s no pain, you still check the place where it used to be. It’s as if you almost miss it.

Hmm, I really wonder if it has anything to do with life. Maybe not. I’m afraid of going to the dentist. I’m going to go brush my teeth, again.



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