Rohit Sharma’s love for cricket (or is it more?)

So Rohit Sharma hits a dominating ton on debut. As surprising as it sounds, (going by his reputation), he has once more delivered when the team needed it. The batsman’s career has taken a turn ever since he was handed captaincy of Mumbai Indians. With two recent match-winning centuries against Australia, out of which was a double-ton, we’ve see more responsible knocks from this bloke in the past year than we’ve seen in the rest of his career (so far). With the retirement of Sachin, Rohit will surely be taking up the vacant position in the middle order for sometime. Ajinkya Rahane must be still ruing that desperate lofted shot off Lyon that questioned his temperament and ousted him out of the Test team.

On an unrelated note, Ravindra Jadeja, who has been rested for the ongoing West Indies tour of India, if he is a given come back in the next text squad, he’ll be on paper replacing Sachin Tendulkar! Oh well, he isn’t called Sir for no reason.

Closing thoughts…
Apart from some perpetual bowling niggles, Team India seems to be getting better and better, have they reached their peak, or is the best yet to come?

We’ll be seeing more of Krrish/Koi mil gaya memes stating Jaadu giving his powers to another Rohit. Till then enjoy this meme of Rohit Sharma lusting admiring the view of his six shot off Shillingford.

Yes, the entire post leads up to meme.

Rohit's love for cricket.

P.S. Shane Shillingford will be wondering what the hell went wrong, 4 convincing wickets of the top order, all the coverage of being able to bowl the doosra to good effect, the career defining wicket of Sachin (though wrongly adjudged) all made useless by a debutant and an ‘off-spinner’ R. Ashwin. The game changes course so quickly!


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