When a client loves your work so much, he scraps it.

An overview of the client’s reaction after I presented a narrative poem I wrote for the TVC.

The background:

What it means to me

Have worked on the project for over a year, (out of which religiously worked on it for two months). Started off as a dream project that later turned into a nightmare I just wanted to get over with.

What it meant for the client

Haven’t received anything substantial for many months. The agency is avoiding us and paying attention to their ‘other’ client. We must threaten to start looking for another agency if this tomfoolery goes on for too long.

What it means to the company

We’ve let this project go on for too long, the client thinks we are ignoring them when we are actually just busy with other work from regular-paying clients. We have to get this project on board because it can be huge for the company’s growth. And will also show the client that we are dedicated to them as well.

The meeting preceded months of discussions and changes in the concept and re-writing, re-thinking, scrapping. And the end result was (unsurprisingly) completely different from the original approved script.

Post a warm & comfortable presentation at the client’s HQ.

The Client

‘Love the TVC you wrote, i love it so much that now each couplet of this poem is now a concept for me. I don’t want more lines, the TVC won’t need any narration. Your job now is to give me strong instances for each couplet, which will work without the lines you wrote.’

Rest of my team

Yeah sure, we’ll do it. We’ll start sharing a few… (I faded out into limbo)


er, yeah………..

Me controlling my emotions


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